Company of geophysical equipment HT

High world standard of quality of both product that is geophysical equipment and service which became a core principle on which the company develops its reputation.



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Manufacturing base


The production cycle of the company has the following departments:
Cable Manufacturing
Manufacturing of cable are used for geophone group manufacturing. Two and three core cables with waterproof filling and without, different colors sheath can be made  (on request). This is the main mass production at the company  producing more than 50 thousand kilometers of cable per year.
We produce cables with different numbers of cores (up to 50) with Kevlar waterproof filler in the double hull.
Geophone sensors production
Production of sensors with different specifications. All sensors are tested.
Production of geophone groups
We produce geophone groups conducting acceptance testing (tightness, control of a group parameters, polarity probes).
Manufacturing of connectors and case parts made of plastic.
Design and Technology Department provides product development and pre-production, testing of prototypes and carrying out the necessary tests to confirm the quality.


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