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High world standard of quality of both product that is geophysical equipment and service which became a core principle on which the company develops its reputation.



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Seismic groups



Seismic groups are designed and manufactured in accordance with the design documentation in reconciliation with the customer, as the number of configurations and electrical circuits are many.
The most common -  27.5 meters high and 33 groups with 12 seismic sensors, soldered on the circuit 2 to 6 and connected through a connector located on the center of the group.
Group length can vary from 1 meter to 240 meters, the number of seismic sensors from 1 to 24. They are applying to different types of connectors from one to four in the same group.
Groups can have splash or tight design (made in steel or plastic housing components).
Without fail all seismic groups are acceptance tested. The table with results of the tests is given to the customer.


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