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High world standard of quality of both product that is geophysical equipment and service which became a core principle on which the company develops its reputation.



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Seismic cable products


The enterprise produces various kinds of cables.


The most mass production is two to four cores (wires) cables, consisting of 19 copper wires. Cables have different diameter polyurethane sheath filled with waterproof filler or without it. This type of cable is produced in a number of several thousand kilometers per year and is used to make geophone groups.
The total list manufactured cables include various designs up to 50 cores in a single cable. There are cables with different diameters with filler for waterproof, Kevlar cores (or braid located between two shells) to increase the breaking strength of cable. The cable may have a protective shield or shielded wire to avoid the effects of electromagnetic field. The protective jacket of the cable is made of polyethylene, polyurethane and other materials which support the fibers.



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